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Kaiser S12 Allroad Demo @ Bauma 2013

Besides finding current construction projects, Building Radar offers you the opportunity for a real-time search of requests for proposal (RFP) of thousands of sources with intelligent filters. Requests for proposal have always been an important source of orders within the construction industry and construction supplies. In the EU alone, several billions of Euros are generated by these types of contracts. These types of rfp s fundamentally differ from whole construction projects. In this article, we will explain what exactly a rfp is, why they are so important and why they can contribute significantly to your company’s business success.

Public tendering or submissions, in English often called “tenders” or “RFPs”, are requests to submit a quote. A request for proposal itself is not a quote but rather informs possible buyers about its requirements and therefore provides suppliers with the opportunity to adjust to the requirements of the customer. For the future customers, this has the benefit that they do not have to actively look for suppliers. For the provider, on the other hand, this makes it possible to source more orders. Overall, it aims to harness the potential of the free economy.